Mergers & Acquisitions

Our counsel on M & A for our clients is always shaped by the interests and strategies of our client, and guided by our M&A team's rich experience and wide social connections. Chang Tsi has provided M & A legal services for many clients, including large state-owned enterprises, high-tech Companies and several 500 Fortune Companies from around the world.

Our services:

  • Providing structural design for corporate mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring and financing.
  • Performing legal due diligence of targeted companies, preparing investigation reports and drafting disclosure documents.
  • Drafting share assignments or asset transfer agreements, corporate split and merger agreements.
  • Legal research on issues such as land use rights, environmental protection, intellectual property and staff settlement.
  • Corporate debt restructuring, debt arrangements and extension of debt payments.
  • Participating in project negotiations.
  • Advising on government approvals, filing and registration.Helping clients complete transactions.