Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the core practice areas of Chang Tsi. Our corporate attorneys at Chang Tsi are professional in enterprise management, since most of them have experience working as in-house at international organizations. Also, as a perennial legal counsel for enterprises clients, our lawyers have extensive experience and outstanding records in corporate establishment, share transactions, M&A, corporate restructuring, industrial relations, and corporate debt-collection.

The clients of Chang Tsi in Corporate Law area include consumer product, industrial, electrical and computer technology, financing, and national institutes worldwide.

  • Design of Investment structure
  • Due diligence
  • Review of relevant legal documents
  • Business Negotiation
  • Company establishment
  • Providing legal advice on tax, land use, environment protection, and industry administration
  • Drafting and registration of wholly foreign owned enterprises, joint ventures and representative offices
  • Restructuring, bankruptcy and related services, such as foreign investment enterprises liquidation, equity transfer, etc.
  • Providing legal, regulatory and industry dynamic reports
  • Providing legitimacy and compliance examination of legal documents
  • Providing legitimacy and compliance examination of business transactions
  • Designing and establishing company internal control systems
  • Establishing and improving company rules and regulations
  • Corporate governance structure design and optimization
  • Participation in major business negotiations
  • Legal publicity and training
  • Compliance consulting on products and services