Alternative Dispute Resolution(Arbitration, Negotiation and Consultation)

Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to non-litigious dispute resolution procedures outside the traditional litigation system. The mechanism includes self-determination, self-help reconciliation, as well as mediation, arbitration and other social remedy methods. And compared to litigation, alternative dispute resolution has more advantages, as it is more convenient, faster, more flexible and less expensive.


Attorneys at Chang Tsi enjoy a high reputation for their work in civil and commercial arbitration, labor dispute arbitration and personnel dispute arbitration.

Our services include:

  • Background investigations, related notarizations and evidence gathering for arbitration cases.
  • Providing legal analysis and strategies on arbitration and litigation.
  • Drafting arbitration related legal instruments.
  • Representing clients in arbitration proceedings.
  • Representing clients in arbitration decision enforcement proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution-Negotiation and Consulation

In addition to litigation and arbitration, negotiation and consultation has become an important method of resolving disputes in China for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Attorneys at Chang Tsi & Partners can help develop a negotiation plan that is specifically tailored for the case to best help safeguard and maximize the client’s interests.

Our services include:

  • Developing negotiation plans.
  • Representing or assisting clients  in settlement negotiations.
  • Drafting or reviewing settlement agreements.