Attorneys at Chang Tsi & Partners are highly regarded by the Chinese judiciary for their legal excellence, diligence, professionalism and outstanding communication skills. Chang Tsi has been widely recognized as a leading law firm in dealing with sophisticated and important litigation matters. Many cases handled by Chang Tsi have had widespread and extensive influence, and several cases have been recognized as typical cases by the Chinese Supreme Court and other Courts in China. In a typical matter, Chang Tsi successfully represented a famous domestic construction company in a real estate dispute involving RMB 320 million. This case was highlighted by the Beijing High People's Court, as a representative matter for a visiting Hong Kong Bar Association Delegation.

In another case, Chang Tsi successfully represented the famous American company Honeywell in a trademark infringement and unfair competition litigation against a Chinese company in Shenyang. This case was highlighted as a model case by the Liaoning Intermediate People's Court. In this case, Honeywell not only prevailed, its Chinese version trademark was recognized as a Well-Known Trademark.

Our services include:

  • Providing background investigations and evidence-related notarizations, authentication, and audit services for litigation and meditation cases.
  • Providing analysis of the facts and claims and designing strategies for litigation and meditation cases.
  • Evidence preservation before and during litigation.
  • Drafting legal documents for litigation and arbitration.
  • Participating in court proceedings for litigation and arbitration.
  • Representing clients in negotiations, conciliations or mediations.
  • Arguing complaints and retrials.
  • Assistance with enforcement and implementation of litigation judgments, arbitration decisions and other legal documents.