Intellectual Property Litigation

Chang Tsi & Partners has represented many leading multinational and Chinese corporations, including many Fortune 500 Companies in all kinds of intellectual property disputes, including trademark and patent administrative proceedings, civil litigation involving patents, trademarks, copyrights (including software copyrights), domain names and trade secrets, and criminal trademark and patents prosecution cases, through which we have gained a strong reputation and extensive experience. We have been recognized as a leading law firm with great expertise in solving the most challenging and complex intellectual property related matters. Many cases handled by Chang Tsi & Partners have had significant impact, and our cases have been highlighted as representative cases by courts at all levels, including the Supreme People's Court.
Our services include:
  • Administrative litigation on behalf of clients unsatisfied with invalidation of patent right rulings by the Patent Examination Board.
  • Administrative litigation against the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board on objection, opposition review, and trademark cancellation matters.
  • Handling trademark, patent, copyright, domain names, trade secrets, product packaging and decoration, and unfair competition disputes and litigation, including infringement arbitrations
  • Provide counselling and advice related to trademark, patent, and copyright infringements.
  • Handling effective implementation of legal instruments.