Administrative Protection

Administrative protection for intellectual property rights is an important focus of Chang Tsi & Partners. By virtue of its extensive practical experience, and outstanding abilities, Chang Tsi & Partners is able to provide high quality, efficient, and professional market monitoring, business surveys, administrative investigations, customs registration and IPR administrative protection services for both domestic and foreign clients. Chang Tsi has established good relationships and communication channels with administrative law enforcement organs at all levels, which we can use to protect and promote the rights and interests of our clients .They can effectively increase the scope of intellectual property protection of domestic and foreign clients, and at the same time greatly reduce the cost of safeguarding their rights. Chang Tsi is also effective in developing overall IPR strategies to effectively combat infringement and enforce our clients' IPR. We provide one-stop services from IP prosecution to IP enforcement, supported by our in-house team of investigators to fight against trademark counterfeiting, trademark infringement, copyright infringement and intellectual property-related unfair competition.

Our services include:

  • ž   Commercial Investigations
  • ž   IP infringement investigations and IP-related litigation
  • ž   Investigations on the use of trademarks
  • ž   Evidence collection and notarization
  • ž   Negotiation on behalf of clients
  • ž   Handling Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) complaints at various levels on behalf of clients, and responding to investigations run by various AICs for the determination of administrative penalties
  • ž   Handling complaints to the quality and technology supervision departments
  • ž   Handling complaints to the State Food and Drug Administration
  • ž   Filing complaints with the National Copyright Administration on behalf of clients
  • ž   Handling complaints to the Public Security Bureau (PSB)
  • ž   Handling complaints to the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)
  • ž   Filing requests with Chinese Customs for inspection and seizure of infringing goods
  • ž   Customs recordal and customs training
  • ž   Developing intellectual property rights protection strategy
  • ž   Handling complaints to other administrative agencies
  • ž   Intellectual property rights protection for exhibitions