July 2013
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Qingdao Customs Training Held in March

On March 25, 2013, attorneys from Chang Tsi & Partners represented many leading brands and participated in the Qingdao Customs Training Session.  After a brief introduction from the leader of Qingdao Customs office, our attorneys introduced our clients and their brands.  Many Customs officials from the branch offices and ports of Qingdao City attended the training and were very interested in learning about our clients' products history and sales in China.  Most important, the Customs officials were also excited to learn about how to identify and determine the difference between counterfeit and genuine products. Building relationships with Customs officials and training them in identifying counterfeit products provides substantial benefits in reducing the export of counterfeit and infringing products and improving the protection of the client's brand.

15th Anniversary of Chang Tsi & Partners --