February 2019
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Chang Tsi Management Conference 2018: A Conference Reviewing the Past and Opening the Future


Early 2019,Chang Tsi Management Conference 2018 was held at Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali of Indonesia. This Conference gathered the managerial personnel of Chang Tsi from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen together for the previous experience and the future development.


At the beginning of the Conference, Managing Partner Simon Tsi gave a keynote speech, expressing, on behalf of the Firm and the Management Committee, his welcome and gratitude to every of the managers for their work and efforts in the past year, and thinking highly of the remarkable achievements and the considerable contributions made in 2018 by the teams under their leadership. Meanwhile, a fervent wish for the future development of Chang Tsi was proposed by the Management Committee, hoping every member of the Firm to work together for another brilliant achievements. The directors from different departments also shared their performance and gains in the past year, and extended their confidence in the future development in light of the past achievements.



The Conference included three sessions, i.e. Summary of 2018, Department Suggestions and Feedback, and Outlook for 2019.


Summary of 2018

Remarkable Achievements and Striking Development

At the Conference, every attendee reviewed and summarized the development of Chang Tsi in 2018. For the past year, Chang Tis continued its powerful development. For example, the services at different sectors have achieved a sustainable and steady growth, and the service areas have been increasingly expanded; the comprehensive quality and competitiveness of the whole team have been further improved after more professional and experienced newcomers joined the Firm; and the service and management mechanisms have been further optimized, and the infrastructure and the cultural construction have been constantly intensified. In 2018, Chang Tsi has received the recognition from the industry and clients as before, and its reputation has been further increased with many awards from the influential institutions, such as “Distinguished IP Law Firm in China”, “Best Intellectual Property Firm in China“ and “Elite Law Firm in China”.


Department Suggestions and Feedback

Making Staff Voices Heard and Good Suggestions Adopted

The Conference was held on the basis of the practical and pragmatic principles, at which the attendees were required to make frank exchange and discussion with regard to various problems and difficulties in the work throughout the year of 2018 so as to clear out the blindness in both services and management, cope with the ineffective cooperation and communication between departments, and comprehensively improve the service and management of every department by learning the advanced management experience from each other.


During the Conference, the directors of each department respectively presented a brief report on their services in 2018, and raised many valuable suggestions on department cooperation, work efficiency and quality and other issues. Everyone undertook to carry out active cooperation and joint efforts to complete the work in the coming year.



Outlook for 2019

Eliminating Existing Deficiencies and Planning for Future

Despite the achievements made in the past, Partners of Chang Tsi still pointed out the existing deficiencies and reminded every member to be mindful of possible problems and make the corresponding preparations. In the overall work planning for 2019, the Firm, based on the experience and weaknesses in 2018, made comprehensive arrangements in respect of finance, administration, service and manpower training and other aspects, stressed the adequate execution, duty distribution and other issues, and put forward such working guidelines as prudent operation, highlighted priorities, optimal layout and sustainable development.



By the end of the Conference, Managing Partner expressed his earnest expectation and encouraged everyone to stay true to their mission and keep striving for the future success.

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