December 2018
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A Delightful Celebration of Chang Tsi's Notable Achievement in its Trademark Business in 2018

November 23rd, 2018 was the day when all members of Chang Tsi & Partners gathered together and joyfully cheered for the notable achievement in trademark business in 2018——up till September 9th, the number of new applications for trademark as represented by Chang Tsi has outnumbered the annual total quantity in 2017!



(the celebration booth)


Countless days of hard work and devotion along with unwavering passion and determination achieve the steady growth of Chang Tsi's trademark business. Until the end of this September, the number of its new trademark applications has already set a new record for the firm! Such an impressive outcome not only presents Chang Tsi's progress and strength, but also contains the hard work and selfless dedication from every member of Chang Tsi.



(Chang Tsi's activity group photo)


On this Thanksgiving, the staff were invited to leave their desks to enjoy the good wine and dainty dishes as specially prepared for them. When savoring the redolence of their current success, everyone has already pictured a brighter future.







(good wine and dainty dishes from the activity)


Once again the strength of our team gave birth to this new success which in turn provides us with the most powerful recognition and encouragement. Every member of Chang Tsi will together strive for its next success.

15th Anniversary of Chang Tsi & Partners --