January 2018
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Chang Tsi & Partners Is Awarded the Deals of the Year regarding Guinness World Records v. Chery Automobile Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case

The Hong Kong Business Law Journal published the “2017 List of Deals of the Year” On January 30, 2018. Chang Tsi & Partners is awarded the Deals of the Year regarding Guinness World Records v. Chery Automobile trademark infringement and unfair competition case.


The editorial team for the Business Law Journal elaborately selected “2017 Deals of the Year” by summarizing various factors such as the importance, complexity and innovativeness of the cases.  They rather refer to transaction scale than to transaction amount.

Chang Tsi & Partners is awarded with this honor due to its representation of the case which involves unique importance and complexity. This is the third time for Chang Tsi & Partners to win this honor after the winning of the deal where the trademark “TANG” and commodity package were infringed in 2013, and the winning of the deal regarding the trademark infringement case on behalf of Six Continents Hotel in 2015.

In this case, both the plaintiff and the defendant are famous enterprises at home and abroad, and the defendant is represented by a well-known law firm in the industry. Accordingly, the case has a huge impact. The case also relates to a host of legal issues and involves a large amount of subject in the case, thereby having a very strong guiding significance to future judicial practices. On this basis, Chang Tsi & Partners made a powerful plead against the defendant regarding common name and non-trademark use, and won the case in the first instance.

As a comprehensive boutique law firm with IP as its core service, Chang Tsi & Partners provides professional legal services for clients all the time to conform to the clients’ maximum legitimate rights and interests, and is committed to become the best IP law firm in China.

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