January 2018
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Chang Tsi’s In-depth Internal Training on Litigation Evidence Rules, Litigation Prohibitions and Damages Compensation of Intellectual Property

On December 15, 2017, Chang Tsi & Partners held an in-depth training on litigation evidence rules, litigation prohibitions and damages compensation of intellectual property for all lawyers and assistants in the First Meeting Room.  Presented by Simon Tsi - managing partner and founding partner of Chang Tsi & Partners, Tracy Shen – partner of Chang Tsi & Partners, and Rose Xu – advisor and senior patent attorney of Chang Tsi & Partners, this training received active participation from participants due to its profound themes and substantial contents.


The three main topics of this training are related to the important issues of IPR litigation.  The litigation evidence rules provide a perfect scheme for IPR litigation in procedural aspects; the practical analysis of IPR litigation prohibitions have positive practical significance to the evidence preservation and action preservation; the confirmation of damages for IPR infringement is of great guiding importance to all lawyers and assistants in handling cases.


As one of the most influential law firms in China’s Intellectual Property Service Industry, Chang Tsi & Partners has continuously strengthened itself to provide customers with the best legal services with perseverance and unswerving adherence.

15th Anniversary of Chang Tsi & Partners --