December 2017
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Ms. Chun Zhong Invited to Legal Affairs Training Concerning Competition Compliance by China Resources Group


On December 15, 2017, Ms. Chun Zhong, the partner and leader of antitrust services of Chang Tsi & Partners, was invited by China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“China Resources Group” or “CR”) to attend a legal affair training in competition compliance held in Xiaojingwan, Huizhou City.

China Resources Group is one of Top 500 Enterprises, ranking 91st among them. CR was first established as “Liow & Co.” in Hong Kong in 1938. After restructure for years, CR is now a state management organization. Under the direct supervision of SASAC, the Group became one of the key state-owned enterprises. The Group’s core businesses include consumer products (including retail, beer, food and beverages), power, real estate, cement, gas, pharmaceuticals and finance. Currently, there are about 420,000 staff members working in CR.

The training lasted for the whole day, in which about 50 trainees participated.

Ms. Chun Zhong carried out the training with the subject of the new version of the Anti-unfair Competition Law. In the course of the training, she particularly stressed the following three points: firstly, new contents in the current version concerning Internet and electronic commerce added respectively to the clauses on confusion and false publicity of commercial logos; secondly, more detailed regulations on infringement upon business secret, increased punishment intensity, and addition of new clauses on supervision authorities` obligation of confidentiality and liability for breach of confidence regarding business secret; and thirdly, a trinity layout for principles of the new law, and emphasis on safeguard of social public interests and guarantee of consumer benefits.

Ms. Chun Zhong also made explanation of and response to commercial issues with regard to the jurisdiction of unfair competition in commercial banks or other financial firms, judicial practices of disputes over trade name, determination of commercial bribery, false propaganda and business discrediting, and trade secret. In the Q&A session, Ms. ZHONG offered detailed replies to questions about the commercial bribe, alleged monopoly in pricing made by public enterprises, etc., raised by CR in-house counsels. This legal training had practicality and guiding significance for China Resources Group, and thus received praise from every participant.

Ms. Chun Zhong has a Doctorate in competitive law, and has conducted postdoctoral research on intellectual property law. She has had more than 20 academic papers appearing on CSSCI law journals including Science of Law, solely published a monograph, and participated in drafting two monographs and one teaching material. Besides, she has once led a later stage funding project sponsored by China Law Society, substantially engaged in a major project of social sciences at the national level and key projects of the Ministry of Justice, and delivered professional legal lectures in the School of Administration of SAIC, as well as in Shanghai BAR Association. Ms. ZHONG now is the partner based in Shenzhen branch of Chang Tsi & Partners and leader of antitrust services.

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