April 2018
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Spring Chang succeeded at the Client Choice 2018 Award


On February 8, 2018, Spring Chang, the founding partner of Chang Tsi & Partners, was awarded the winner of Client Choice in China's intellectual property trademark field. In 2018, 384 people won the prize, and only two people in China's intellectual property trademark field won the award.

The selection of the Client Choice awards began in 2005 and had a history of 13 years, which had extensive credibility and influence in the industry. The results of the award were analyzed based on information collected from in-house users of Lexology and International Law Office (ILO) and through the website survey of Client Choice. The award is selected according to the client's active recommendation, and the candidate does not participate in any submission. The result thus is impartial and objective. The client evaluations for Spring Chang are as follows:


“Spring is an amazing, smart and determined partner. ”

“She has created a firm which provides sound legal advice with an amazing turn-around time.”

“Spring is devoted to providing the best advice possible; she acts quickly.”

“Spring creates partnerships, trust and friendships; she offers invaluable support.”

“Spring is an extremely experienced lawyer in the IP industry.”

“She can provide deep insight into the practice; she stays on top of recent developments.”

“Spring provides effective service to clients; her communication skills with all parties is highly appreciated.”

“Spring has global vision; she is a loyal and effective partner.”

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Chang Tsi & Partners has been working in the intellectual property industry for 15 years. As a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property law, we carry out the human-oriented idea, consistently offer a bespoken professional legal service to clients. The client evaluation of this Client Choice approves the high-efficiency, fast speed and human orientation of Chang Tsi’ s legal services for clients, which is also the foundation of reaping Fortune Top clients for cumulative years.

Chang Tsi & Partners will continue fighting for becoming a China's best law firm by consistently providing the best legal services to clients.

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