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Ason Zhang

Senior Attorney At Law

Phone: +86 10 88369999

About Ason Zhang

Mr. Ason Zhang provides consultation services on a wide range of intellectual property issues in China, in both contentious and non-contentious matters. He specializes in the development of intellectual property strategy and enforcement programs for many multinational corporations.

Mr. Zhang focuses on all aspects of intellectual property rights, including applications and protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and domain names. Clients include major electronics, consumer products, pharmaceutical, apparel, and jewelry companies. Ason Zhang is fluent in English and Chinese.

Practice Areas

  • Specialized in the fields of litigation and arbitration, corporate law, contract law, labor law, and intellectual property.
  • Overall Planning, Strategy Development for Intellectual Property Registration and Protection.
  • Commercial Application of Intellectual Property such as licensing and franchising.

Professional Experience

  • Client Manager and Attorney at law, Chang Tsi & Partners, Beijing, China
  • Attorney at law, Grandall Law Offices, Shenzhen, China
  • Legal Assistant, Allbright Law Offices, Shenzhen, China
  • Summer Intern, Broad & Bright Law Firm, Beijing, China


  • Juris Doctor (American Law) and Juris Master (Chinese Law), PEKING UNIVERSITY
  • Bachelor of English (Hons.) and Certificate of Chinese Law Study, TIANJIN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY

Representative Cases

  • Provides legal services for intellectual property protection strategy, transactions, licenses, due diligence, administrative and judicial remedies for many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Successfully represented Kohler Co., a well-known sanitary ware company, to develop a holistic enforcement strategy to combat infringement, including filing tradeshow complaints, administrative complaints, patent invalidations, and civil lawsuits. Received client’s great appreciation.
  • Successfully represented BorgWarner, a well-known car accessories company, to bring criminal actions against counterfeit manufacturers and their distributors in 10 provinces in China. Working alongside officials from the PSB to seize counterfeits from the infringers and successfully dismantling the counterfeit operation from manufacturing to distribution, thereby clearing the markets for the client in China. This case was listed as a “cluster battle” case under the supervision of the Central PSB of China and widely acknowledged as a success.


  • Red Flags in US Competition Law on the exercise of IP rights, China Business Law Journal, 2014

Bar Admissions

  • China Bar(2009)

Team Overview

Chang Tsi & Partners is proud of our excellent team of attorneys. Our attorneys are international, professional, well-educated and experienced in handling all types of commercial matters. Our partners include a few of the earliest legal practitioners in in China. Before they went into private practice, most of our partners served at government organs, judicial institutions, and/or big corporations and are thus very familiar with the internal mechanisms of these organizations. They also have established extensive, close contacts within these organizations. So our partners have the ability to integrate their social resources and create synergy to maximize the benefits for our clients.

Chang Tsi & Partners currently employs a total of 350 staffs, including 220 attorneys, agents and foreign consultants and others. The majority of our lawyers hold master's degrees and above, from prestigious law schools both domestic and international. Some of our lawyers have studied and/or worked abroad and have qualified as lawyers and patent agents in America and Canada.

At Chang Tsi, we highly value teamwork and cooperation. We also stress sharing of resources and experience in order to provide our clients with the best services. Their years of practice and extensive experience working with foreign firms, make our attorneys well-qualified to handle the most complicated and challenging legal matters for clients all over the world.