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Elian Xue

Attorney At Law

Phone: +86 88369999

Practice Areas

  • Specialized in protection of trademarks, copyrights and domain names, the management of IP rights and the dispute resolution concerning trademark infringement, copyright infringement and unfair competition.

Professional Experiences

  • Attorney at Law, Chang Tsi & Partners
  • Assistant/Trademark attorney, Hanhow Intellectual Property Partners


  • LLM Intellectual Property Law, University of Edinburgh (2015)
  • Bachelor Degree of Law, Shenyang University of Technology (2012)

Bar Admission

  • China Bar (2012)

Representative Cases

  • Represented Fluke to file a civil lawsuit against a company which conducted grey market infringement. Massive infringement evidence was secured, thorough legal researches were conducted and strong arguments were made in the court hearing. The court finally supported our claim of trademark infringement and unfair competition. A favorable judgment was thus issued.
  • Represented Fluke to conduct systematic enforcement actions in China. Conducted legal investigation into a company which conducted copyright infringement against Fluke all over the world, developed the enforcement strategy, took different enforcement actions against the source company and its distributors and finally stopped the infringement and cleaned up the market.
  • Represented Ingersoll-Rand to attend the administrative lawsuits concerning the removal of all infringing trademarks filed or registered by an infringement group. Up until now, all our claims have been supported.
  • Represented a worldwide famous ice cream company to protect its IP rights in China, developed the strategy to protect against trademark dilution, trademark infringement, copyright infringement and unfair competition. Through a series of actions including normative use of trademarks, C&D letter, ISP complaint and civil lawsuit, etc., the market is being cleaned up step by step.
  • Represented a Fortune Global 500 oil company to attend the administrative lawsuit concerning the removal of an infringing mark. By studying the evidence submitted by the adverse party, we found that some evidential materials submitted by the adverse party could support our arguments. Such evidence finally persuaded the court to support our case.
  • Developed strategy for a famous clothing company to obtain its Chinese trademark while infringing marks had been registered. In the limited time, Elian conducted negotiation with the owner of the Cited Mark to successfully obtain the assignment agreement. In this way, the client's right basis is strengthened for the removal of the infringing marks and the enforcement against the infringement in the market.

Team Overview

Chang Tsi & Partners is proud of our excellent team of attorneys. Our attorneys are international, professional, well-educated and experienced in handling all types of commercial matters. Our partners include a few of the earliest legal practitioners in in China. Before they went into private practice, most of our partners served at government organs, judicial institutions, and/or big corporations and are thus very familiar with the internal mechanisms of these organizations. They also have established extensive, close contacts within these organizations. So our partners have the ability to integrate their social resources and create synergy to maximize the benefits for our clients.

Chang Tsi & Partners currently employs a total of 350 staffs, including 220 attorneys, agents and foreign consultants and others. The majority of our lawyers hold master's degrees and above, from prestigious law schools both domestic and international. Some of our lawyers have studied and/or worked abroad and have qualified as lawyers and patent agents in America and Canada.

At Chang Tsi, we highly value teamwork and cooperation. We also stress sharing of resources and experience in order to provide our clients with the best services. Their years of practice and extensive experience working with foreign firms, make our attorneys well-qualified to handle the most complicated and challenging legal matters for clients all over the world.