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Pan Shen

Attorney At Law | Trademark Agent

Phone: +86 88369999

Pan Shen is an attorney who has been engaged in IP matters for 8 years. Before joining Chang Tsi & Partner, Pan once was an attorney of Beijing East IP Law Firm and the senior trademark counsel of Beijing Bitmain Technologies Ltd.

She has extensive experiences in trademark, copyright and domain matters and could give the clients comprehensive suggestions on trademark protection stratagy. For considerate, comprehensive and responsive services, she was highly praised and truly trusted by the clients.

Practice Areas

  • Specialized in all aspects of intellectual property rights, including prosecution and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, and domain names.

Years with IP Matters

  • 8 Years

Professional  Experiences

  • Attorney at Law, Chang Tsi & Partners, Beijing, China
  • Senior trademark counsel, Beijing Bitmain Technologies Ltd., Beijing, China
  • Attorney at Law, Beijing East IP Law Firm, Beijing, China


  • 自2012年起代理美国菲丝博克公司(FACEBOOK, INC.),提交了大量申请、异议和无效宣告;在多件异议复审行政诉讼案件中获得北京市第一中级人民法院和北京市高级人民法院的支持,扭转了商评委阶段的不利裁定,成功使得恶意申请的商标不被核准注册。
  • 自2012年起代理美国因斯特格拉姆有限责任公司(INSTAGRAM, LLC)提交了大量申请、异议和无效宣告;在涉及当事人核心商标的无效宣告行政诉讼案件中获得北京知产法院和北京市高级人民法院的支持,扭转了商评委阶段的不利裁定,成功无效争议商标。在核心商标的关联的商标侵权案件中,成功抵御商标抢注人提起的侵权诉讼,促使其提交撤诉。
  • 在美国石油协会提起的著作权、商标权侵权纠纷中获得广东省佛山市顺德区人民法院和广东省佛山市中级人民法院的支持,并帮助原告美国石油协会获得赔偿40万人民币。其中著作权侵权纠纷案中因涉及匿名网络侵权者身份调查和确认的复杂性,而在2017年入选广东十大涉外知识产权案例。
  • 代理盖帝图像(美国)公司(GETTYIMAGES(US), INC)在网络域名权属及确认不侵犯商标权纠纷一案中获得福建省厦门市思明区人民法院的支持,成功从抢注人处获得与盖帝图像(美国)公司商标混淆性近似的域名。
  • 在多件商标无效宣告行政诉讼中代理强生公司,成功获得北京知识产权法院关于“美瞳”商标构成驰名商标的认定。

Representative Clients

  • Amazon
  • Honeywell
  • Jonson Controls

Representative Cases

  • Represented FACEBOOK, INC. since 2012 and filed large numbers of applications, oppositions, and declarations of invalidity. Obtained favorable decisions from Beijing No.1 Intermediate Court and Beijing High Court, which reversed the TRAB decisions, cracking down the bad faith applications copying the client’s marks.
  • Represented INSTAGRAM, LLC since 2012 and filed large numbers of applications, oppositions, and declarations of invalidity. Obtained favorable decisions from Beijing IP Court and Beijing High Court, which reversed the TRAB decisions related to the client’s core marks. Successfully defend the bad faith party’ claims in trademark infringement litigation realted to the client’s core marks and pushed the plaintiff to withdraw the litigation.
  • Represented American Petroleum Institute in civil lawsuits in connection with trademark infringement and copyright infringement disputes as plaintiff before Guangdong Province Foshan City Shunde District Court and Guangdong Province Foshan City Intermediate Court, successfully obtained favorable decisions from the courts. The case regarding copyright infringement dispute was awarded as Top 10 Foreign-related Intellectual Property Cases in 2017.
  • Represented GETTY IMAGES (US), INC. in a civil lawsuit in connection with domain name dispute and declaration of non-infringement before Fujian Province Xiamen City Siming District Court, successfully obtained domain names confusingly similar to the client’s trademarks..
  • Represented Johnson & Johnson in several trademark administrative litigations and obtined well-known trademark recognition from Beijing IP Court for the client’s “美瞳 (DEFINE in Chinese)” mark.


  • Juris Master, Peking University (2012)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy, Renmin University of China (2009)

Bar Admissions

  • China Bar (2015)


  • Mandarin Chinese
  • English



Team Overview

With over 350 legal professionals with a diversified background, Chang Tsi & Partners offers clients deep expertise and professional experience, leading to successful legal solutions. Our attorneys are always praised for their sharp insights into the policy, and their pragmatic commercial awareness. Qualified to practice in other jurisdictions, our attorneys can maximize the profit of clients in different areas.