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Tracy Lin

Partner | Patent Attorney

Phone: +86 01088369999

Tracy Lin is a Partner at Chang Tsi & Partners and the Director of the firm’s Japanese IP Services Department. Before joining Chang Tsi & Partners, Ms. Lin used to work for the IP Center of Panasonic Corporation for more than ten years, and her job there mainly involved filing international patent applications in the US, Japan, China and Europe. At Panasonic Corporation, Ms. Lin offered IP services such as patent application planning, invention mining, and right granting, to right evaluation and maintenance, and right execution. Her career in Panasonic helped her to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patent system and corporate needs. Her experience working as an in-house attorney in a large Japanese company for over ten years makes her very familiar with a company’s demands and requirements at each stage of prosecution, and thus she is able to provide clients with effective solutions based on their actual conditions and needs when offering legal services to clients.

Since she began her career as a patent attorney in 2004, Ms. Lin has also passed the China Bar in 2008. Ms. Lin also has enjoyed a systematic study of Japanese patent law, trademark law, design law and anti-unfair competition law when she studied for her Masters degree in IP laws at Osaka University, Japan. These qualifications and education have laid a solid foundation for her to handle IP related cases in China and abroad.


 Practice Areas

Ÿ  Drafting of patent application documents; drafting of PCT international patent application documents; response to patent examination opinions made by the patent offices in the US, Japan, China and Europe; patent reexamination; patent invalidation; administrative litigation; FTO; investigation into patent infringement; patent consultation; IP training; etc.


Professional Experiences

  • Partner, Chang Tsi & Partners
  • Partner, China Pat
  • Deputy Manager of Marketing Department, China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd
  • Patent Attorney, IP Center of Panasonic Corporation
  • Patent Attorney, Japanese Group of China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd.


Working Language

   Chinese, Japanese and English


Years of Practice

Ÿ  15 years



  • Master of Laws, Osaka University, Japan, 2014
  • Master of Engineering, Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Japan, 2004
  • Bachelor of Engineering, the Branch of Tianjin University, China (1993)


Representative Cases

  • For over 10 years since April 2006 at the IP Center of Panasonic Corporation, Ms. Lin handled a great number of cases involving patent application planning, invention mining, right granting in the US, Japan, China and Europe, right evaluation and maintenance, and right execution in connection with digital cameras and other electronic products.
  • Ms. Lin worked as a Chinese patent attorney in Beijing Xiandi Firm to represent many cases of patent applications filed by Japanese companies with the State Intellectual Property Office.
  • Ms. Lin represented cases of patent applications filed by Chinese companies with the Japan Patent Office.
  • Chinese patent examination after 2013.



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  • Non-infringement Defense Using Conflict Application as Ground, contributed to the Fifth Intellectual Property Forum 2014
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  • 《中国・最高裁判例に見る均等侵害の成否の判断の傾向, KTK,
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  • 中国における機能クレームの解釈方法―中国最高裁判決の考察を中心として―, 日本パテント誌 , Vol. 71 No. 7, 2018
  • 中国におけるソフトウェア特許出願について―中国最高裁判決を中心として―, 日本パテント誌 , Vol. 72 No. 7, 2019


Bar Admission

  • Chinese Patent Bar (2004)
  • China Bar (2008)


Team Overview

Chang Tsi & Partners is proud of our excellent team of attorneys. Our attorneys are international, professional, well-educated and experienced in handling all types of commercial matters. Our partners include a few of the earliest legal practitioners in in China. Before they went into private practice, most of our partners served at government organs, judicial institutions, and/or big corporations and are thus very familiar with the internal mechanisms of these organizations. They also have established extensive, close contacts within these organizations. So our partners have the ability to integrate their social resources and create synergy to maximize the benefits for our clients.

Chang Tsi & Partners currently employs a total of 350 staffs, including 220 attorneys, agents and foreign consultants and others. The majority of our lawyers hold master's degrees and above, from prestigious law schools both domestic and international. Some of our lawyers have studied and/or worked abroad and have qualified as lawyers and patent agents in America and Canada.

At Chang Tsi, we highly value teamwork and cooperation. We also stress sharing of resources and experience in order to provide our clients with the best services. Their years of practice and extensive experience working with foreign firms, make our attorneys well-qualified to handle the most complicated and challenging legal matters for clients all over the world.