IP Commercial and Others

In addition to IP protection, corporate law and dispute resolution, Chang Tsi & Partners has been focusing on highly specialized business areas, such as IP Commercial, construction and real estate, and financial legal services. Over the accumulated years of professional practice, Chang Tsi & Partners has become a leader in the field with its expertise.

IP Commercial and Other Legal Services

  • Develop overall Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Develop diversified Brand Value Strategy
  • Develop personalized Global Brand Strategy
  • Facilitate negotiation and transactional matters involving intellectual property—patent, trademark and copyright licensing; intellectual property due diligence and audits; and information technology agreements
  • Design and develop global strategy for protection and licensing of trademarks, petents and copyrights
  • Other legal services related to intellectual property rights

Representative Cases

  • Trademark Comprehensive Strategy Development Project for BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  • Due Diligence and Analysis for KOHLER (China)
  • Review and Negotiation Regarding Trademark License Contracts for Shengmu Organic Milk Co., Ltd.
  • Investigation on Franchise and Other Legalv Services for Varsity Brands
  • ICP Registration and Management of Websites in China for Four Seasons Hotels Limited
  • Investigation and Analysis Regarding Infringement of Trademarks and Other Business Signs for Hewlett-Packard
  • Consulting Services Regarding Merchandising Rights for The Walt Disney Company

Finance and Banking

The Finance and Banking group of Chang Tsi & Partners serves as a legal counsel for a number of leading financial institutions, and has a proven track record in this field. Also, Chang Tsi & Partners is one of only five law firms qualified to provide special legal services for syndicated loans selected by Beijing Banking Association.

Our services include:

  1. General legal services for financial institutions
  2. Compliance review for major loan projects
  3. Syndicated loans
  4. Debt restructuring and disposal of non-performing assets
  5. Financial leases

Construction and Real Estate

Chang Tsi & Partners has an experienced construction and real estate practice group. We have represented developers, owners, and general contractors ranging from complex disputes to straight forward matters.

Our services include:

  1. Establishing real estate development companies
  2. Real estate project financing, insurance, advertising and sales
  3. Real estate legal due diligence
  4. Land use rights transfers, leases, and mortgages
  5. Construction, contractor, and subcontractor contracts for construction projects
  6. Bank mortgages and guarantees
  7. Revitalizing and replacing non-performing real estate
  8. Real estate project planning, designing, bidding, construction, and other legal documents drafting, review and modification
  9. Providing Legal services related to real estate sales
  10. Provisioning project financing, BOT, and other project structure design
  11. Quality controlling on project construction / project management
  12. Real estate project risk management
  13. Real estate and infrastructure construction litigation, arbitration and dispute settlement