Wendy Wu
Counsel Attorney at Law

Wendy Wu has considerable legal knowledge and skills, and is an expert in the Company Law, the Contract Law, Intellectual Property laws, the Foreign Investment Law, the Labor Contract Law and other relevant laws and regulations. During her over ten years of career as a practice lawyer, Ms. Wu has handled many cases involving IP infringement, economic contract disputes, and personnel and labor disputes, offered non-litigation services on, for example, foreign investment, enterprise mergers and acquisitions, enterprise restructuring, capital increase and share expansion, and IP commercialization, and also served as a permanent legal adviser for several enterprises and institutions.

Ms. Wu is adept at providing comprehensive strategic protection of intellectual property rights and compliance services for foreign enterprises during their business operation in China, including participating in the construction of an enterprise IP management and control system, offering the legal advice on IP development and commercial operation, negotiating in an international trade cooperation and drafting and reviewing business contracts, and answering consultation on product quality, advertising, anti-unfair competition, information protection and other compliance issues


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Litigation & Dispute Resolution / Corporate Law / IP Commercial
Beijing / Shenzhen

Years with IP Matters

2001 until now

Professional Experience

Head of Corporate Department , Attorney At Law, Chang Tsi & Partners, Beijing, China 

Deputy Chief of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Affairs Centre of Ministry of Science & Technology of P.R. China

Representative Cases

In respect of dispute resolution, Wendy Wu over recent years has acted as an agent in various litigation and arbitration cases concerning, for example, intellectual property disputes, company equity disputes, and contract disputes so as to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights of the relevant companies and enterprises, the relevant representative cases including:

  • The case of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. vs. Wenzhou BOE Wenzhou Yiguang Vacuum Appliance Co., Ltd. concerning a dispute over unfair competition, which was rated as one of the top ten model IP cases by Ningbo Court in 2019
  • The application for arbitration submitted on behalf of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. against Global Railway Africa (PTY) Limited concerning a dispute over the contract on international sales of goods to the ICC International Court of Arbitration
  • The case concerning one large state-owned enterprise (SOE)`s dispute over equity options in an international mergers and acquisitions, in which Ms. Wu went to the US on behalf of the SOE for conciliation
  • The case of Air China vs. Shanghai Rock Forward Media Co., Ltd. concerning copyright infringement in the second instance
  • The case of Dart Industries Inc. vs. Zhejiang Ropowo Household Products Co., Ltd. concerning trademark infringement
  • The case of Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech Co., Ltd. vs. Jiangsu Hanhuang Installation Group Co. Ltd. concerning a dispute over the construction contract
  • The case of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. vs. Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Company and others concerning disputes over the construction contract
  • The case of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. vs. Hiscene (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. and China National Intellectual Property Administration concerning an administrative dispute over trademark invalidation
  • The case of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China vs. Beijing Hailan Fengxing Culture Media Company concerning a dispute over the advertising contract
  • The case of 84 authors vs. China Academic Journals (CD Edition) Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. and Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) concerning disputes over copyright infringement

In respect of the corporate and foreign business legal services, Ms. Wu has been working as a legal adviser for large enterprises and groups for years to offer special legal services in enterprise projects, among which the representative special legal service items include:

  • Providing Air China with services such as analyzing the IP protection strategy, developing the IP protection system, reviewing IP related agreements and giving advice on IP infringement;
  • Providing consulting services for BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. on trademark management research and analysis, intellectual property licensing policies review and other related legal issues;
  • Providing perennial legal services for ChangXin Memory Technologies Co., Ltd.;
  • Providing consulting services for Guinness China in respect of its business operation;
  • Providing compliance advice and contract review for Razer Inc. in respect of its business operation in China;
  • Providing IP due diligence and analysis services for Kohler China;
  • Providing M & A services for a large state-owned wind power enterprise;
  • Providing services for Browzwear in the establishment of a foreign-invested enterprise;
  • Providing consulting services for Four Seasons Hotels in respect of ICP registration in Chinese website;
  • Providing legal services such as reviewing trademark license contracts and negotiating for Shengmu Company;
  • Providing legal services such as making an investigation into and analysis of the franchise mode for Varsity Brands;
  • Providing perennial or special legal services for the Ministry of Science & Technology of China and its subordinate institutions, including: conducting IP management and protection for national science and technology projects; drafting and reviewing various contracts; handling administrative disputes, labor disputes, economic contract disputes and IP infringement disputes; and offering legal advice on the corporate capital increase and share expansion, equity transfer, liquidation and bankruptcy, etc.;
  • Providing legal services in several international science and technology cooperation projects, including: serving as a full-time legal adviser (since 2005) for the Galileo Project, a cooperation between China and Europe organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China, to participate in the negotiation, draft, revise and review various agreements, and provide the legal support for the acceptance; and organizing and implementing more than 100 judicial appraisals of intellectual property rights, mainly appraisals of the infringement on patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.


LL.B., major in Intellectual Property Law, Peking University (2001)
B.A, major in English, University of Science & Technology, Beijing (1999)

Bar Admission

China Bar (2008)
Judicial authenticator (2007)