Why Us
  • Personalized

    At Chang Tsi & Partners, we make sure that we understand your needs and we tailor our legal strategy to anticipate any complications and overcome challenges. With more than 350 professionals (lawyers, paralegals and administrative specialists) we provide our legal services while meeting the highest international standards. 

  • Multi-Level

    We provide a comprehensive service specialized in prosecution and enforcement to our clients globally. The Chang Tsi team not only covers infringement litigation and trademark licensing, but also handles diversified services such as market surveillance, business investigations, administrative actions, custom enforcement, IP due diligence and IP strategy development.

  • One-Stop

    We are the one-stop shop for all your legal issues. We not only are the leading experts in China in infringement litigation and trademark licensing, but we also provide an extensive range of personalized legal solutions.

Our Clients

Chang Tsi & Partners has provided legal services for the Fortune 500 companies for nearly two decades. We are privileged to have earned the trust and confidence of companies from America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa in a diverse range of fields such as Energy, Sport & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation & Tourism, Food & Beverages as well as Banking & Financial Services.  

Chang Tsi & Partners in eyes of Clients
  • Twitter Inc:
    Twitter Inc:

    “Spring and her colleagues at Chang Tsi & Partners have become our invaluable advisors. The complex nature of business in China requires not only sound legal advice but also a pragmatic business approach. Spring and Nana routinely provide great practical insight and astute legal guidance in a holistic manner. Notably, they adopt a creative approach in handling significant and complex matters. Moreover, they are diligent in their approach and very responsive to our inquiries. They proactively communicate about matters, help manage the docket judiciously and try to resolve issues expeditiously. Finally, they are receptive to our guidance and collaborative in their approach.”

  • Campbell Soup Company:
    Campbell Soup Company:

    “Chang Tsi & Partners is comprised of highly effective IP professionals. The team members have consistently demonstrated superior judgment, exceptional analytical skills and high integrity. Without exception, they have demonstrated unparalleled understanding of China trademark law and regulations. They are extremely prompt and thorough in their responses to our inquiries and requests. Their collective and deep understanding of China practice provides the competence for issues which are deeply valued. For example, their advice on subtle prosecution issues have turned out to be key considerations in our transactional analysis and guidance for our in-house clients."