Congratulations to Hong Kong Team from Chang Tsi on Three Consecutive Enforcement Victories!



Recently, our Hong Kong Team colleagues achieved the consecutive victories in enforcement matters and earned high accolades from the clients. The following are some highlights of the cases we would like to share!

We represented our client, operator of one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, in a domain name & trademark infringing case in Hong Kong. Our client notices several websites with similar set-up and design using a highly similar mark in relation to goods and services that are similar and overlapped with their business activities. In addition, one of the websites also wholly include our client’s registered mark in the domain name. In this regard, our client turned to us for assistance and advice. Although these websites bear different name and address information on the contact pages, we dug deeper into the true owner behind these domain names and discovered that they are actually owned by a same entity incorporated in Hong Kong. As per our recommendation, the client entrusted us to send a C&D letter directly to this Hong Kong entity behind the websites. With an aggressive C&D letter being sent, we successfully deterred the target party. All the infringing websites got removed and use of the infringing similar mark got stopped. 

Chang Tsi’s Hong Kong Team boasts rich experience in trademark enforcement matters in Hong Kong. Should any assistance be required in this jurisdiction, please always feel free to contact our HongKongTeam The Team will be your valuable legal partner and provide you with best legal service as always!

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