2020 Winning case of Chang Tsi & Partners



1.The Managing Partner Simon Tsi and the Partner Michael Fu of Chang Tsi & Partners won the last instance of a trademark infringement case on behalf of Michael Kors (defendant), wherein all the claims by Shantou Chenghai Jianfa Handbag Craft Factory (plaintiff) were rejected.

Chang Tsi & Partners has always been serving the client by protecting clients’ interests rigorously, and by dismissing plaintiffs’ claims effectively. The protection of clients' interests, dismissed all the plaintiff's claims including high compensation.

The above case was awarded “2019 Top 50 Intellectual Property Typical Cases” by The Supreme People's Court of China, and “2019 Top 10 Intellectual Property Typical Cases” by Zhejiang Court and Hangzhou Court.

2.Chang Tsi & Partners on behalf of Ambiq Micro,Inc. won the case of Ambitmicro Technology Limited. Suing Ambiq Micro, Inc. and & Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. trademark infringement.

The attorneys of Chang Tsi & Partners have carefully analyzed the case files to find out a breakthrough, and formulated an accurate litigation strategy for the case. Based on all the above work, the court supported Ambiq’s claims from Ambiq to the greatest extent greatest extend, not only by confirming the prior right of the AMBIQ MICRO brand, but also but also by indicating AMBITMICRO’s untrustworthy manner of filling an appeal and registering the AMBITMICRO mark, and finally rejected all the claims of the plaintiff.

The above case was awarded “Top 10 Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Cases” by Shanghai Higher People’s Court and Shanghai Pudong Court.

3.Chang Tsi & Partners won a trademark infringement case on behalf of defendant Pagoda Orchard Industrial Development Co, Ltd., wherein all the claims by plaintiff Dongfang Xianglin Vegetable & Fruit Base Co, Ltd were rejected.

Chang Tsi & Partners, after entrusted by the defendant Shenzhen Pagoda Orchard, carefully designed the response strategy, evidence collection plan and negotiation strategy, actively participated in the litigation activities at each stage of the case, and successfully convinced the court to support the defendant's defense claims, and reject the plaintiff's entire claims in the firstinstance. Finally, the original judgement was upheld in the second instance.

4.The criminal lawsuit represented by Chang Tsi & Partners against Chen in Shanghai was award “2019 Top 10 Intellectual Property Protection Case” by Shanghai intellectual property administration, in which Chen’s sales of sanitary products with a “TOTO” counterfeit trademark constituted the crime of selling products bearing counterfeited registered trademark.

Chang Tsi & Partners coordinated multiple departments, including client’s legal and business departments, Shanghai intellectual property administration, public security organs and third-party identification agencies, transferred the main suspects to the public security department to pursue their criminal responsibility, and maximized protection of the interests of our client.

5.Chang Tsi & Partners on behalf of BOE Technology Group Co, Ltd and Beijing Orient Vacuum Electric Co, Ltd. won the case of BOE Technology Group Co,Ltd. & Beijing Orient Vacuum Electric Co, Ltd. Suing Wenzhou BOE Vacuum Electric Co, Ltd. unfair competition.

Chang Tsi & Partners collected a lot of detailed evidence before the lawsuit, proved that the defendant actions constituted unfair competition, and the court determined the amount of compensation based on these. On September 27, 2019, the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court made the first-instance judgment. The defendant Wenzhou BOE Vacuum Electric Co, Ltd.was sentenced to immediately stop the infringement and compensate the plaintiff for economic losses of CNY 2.5 million.

The above case was awarded “Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases” by Ningbo Court.

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