Michael Wu Invited to China IP Road Show Event in Minnesota



Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) held a China IP Road Show event in Minnesota. Michael Wu, Partner of Chang Tsi & Partners, was invited to participate and share the latest developments in intellectual property in China.

The China IP Road Show event was organized by the USPTO to introduce the practices of intellectual property protection in China to business professionals. The event invited US government officials, intellectual property lawyers, and local business representatives to discuss intellectual property protection for small and medium-sized enterprises in China, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the development of intellectual property in China.

Chang Tsi & Partners is one of China's leading legal service providers in the field of intellectual property, with extensive experience in this area. Over the years, we have provided high-quality legal services to a wide range of clients and has received widespread praise in the industry. Partner Michael Wu has served as a legal representative for many large enterprises in intellectual property infringement litigation and patent invalidity procedures, and was specially invited by the USPTO to participate in the event as a representative of China's legal industry to share his experiences and insights.

During the event, Michael Wu conducted an in-depth exploration of the conference theme and introduced attendees to how to register trademarks and patents in China, as well as the best practices for dealing with intellectual property infringement. He emphasized the importance of protecting intellectual property in China and shared some successful cases based on his personal experience and deep insights into China's intellectual property field, which won unanimous recognition from the attendees.

Michael Wu
Partner | Attorney at Law | Patent Attorney
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