Chang Tsi Delegation led by Spring Chang and Simon Tsi Participated in INTA 2023 Annual Meeting



INTA (International Trademark Association) is a global association of brand owners, professionals, and academics who are dedicated to promoting the value of trademarks and related intellectual property. The INTA Annual Meeting is one of the largest events in the intellectual property industry, attracting thounsands of participants from around the world, including trademark attorneys, brand owners, and government officials.

The INTA 2023 Annual Meeting was held in Singapore, and attracted 7000+ attendees from around the world. The event features a range of educational sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitions by leaders in the intellectual property industry. It also provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about new trends and best practices related to trademark protection, enforcement, and brand management.

Chang Tsi & Partners sent a team of 13 senior experts in trademark and intellectual property, led by Partners Simon Tsi and Spring Chang, to attend this year's INTA Annual Meeting in Singapore. Together with our important clients, the team actively participated in the annual event to strengthen the close relationship with global practitioners and discuss the industry's cutting-edge trends and latest developments.

INTA Annual Meeting is an important platform for stakeholders in the intellectual property industry to connect, learn from each other, and discuss strategies for protecting and promoting their brands in a rapidly evolving global landscape. At this event, Chang Tsi & Partners expects to communicate with professionals and our clients from all over the word, discussing potential cooperation and development opportunities.

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