Introducing Chang Tsi & Partners AI Assistant: Empowering Legal Excellence with Cutting-Edge Technology



Chang Tsi & Partners is dedicated to leading in the field of intellectual property, with a strong focus on information technology. Recently, Kevin Yuan, our IT Director, had the honor of delivering a compelling lecture titled "Navigating Technological Impact: The Legal Industry Beyond ChatGPT" at the Law School of Central University for Nationalities.

In his lecture, Kevin Yuan delved into the evolution of AI in the legal field, recent developments in AI-generated content, and its implications for legal professionals. Additionally, he introduced the Chang Tsi & Partners AI Assistant, a Chrome extension designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in legal work.

We are committed to cultivating top-tier legal talent and embracing technological advancements to provide exceptional legal services to our clients. With the introduction of the AI Assistant, we are poised to forge a path towards a brighter future in the legal landscape. Chang Tsi & Partners' AI Assistant is a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance our legal team's productivity. With features like instant translation, summarization, and quick access to professional terminology, it streamlines case analysis and information retrieval. The AI Assistant's AI-powered search engine support ensures efficient problem-solving. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology, providing high-quality legal services to our clients. Embracing innovation, we shape a brighter future for the legal industry.

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