Chang Tsi & Partners Hosts Judge Randall Rader: Insights into U.S. Patent Litigation Strategies



Chang Tsi & Partners is honored to have welcomed renowned international expert in intellectual property law and former Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Randall R. Rader, for a special lecture on July 8th. The topics included "Challenges and Strategies for Chinese Enterprises in U.S. Patent Litigation" and "Current Trends in U.S. Patent Litigation," aimed at enhancing the firm's team capabilities and strategic outlook in international patent litigation. Hosted by founding partner Spring Chang, the event was well-attended by young lawyers and clients both online and offline, receiving enthusiastic feedback.

Judge Rader is a respected authority in the fields of intellectual property law and judiciary. Appointed by President George H. W. Bush in 1990 as a judge for the Federal Circuit, he served as Chief Judge from 2010. Prior to his judicial career, Judge Rader advised the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's subcommittees and provided legal counsel to multiple committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Since retiring from the bench in 2014, Judge Rader founded The Rader Group, focusing on arbitration, mediation, and legal consultancy. He also lectures globally at law schools, sharing his extensive experience in intellectual property policies and litigation.

The lecture was divided into three parts, with Judge Rader outlining his legal career and The Rader Group, followed by detailed discussions with attendees on strategic choices and challenges in U.S. patent litigation. He emphasized the crucial role of U.S.-China cooperation in intellectual property, patents, and high-tech industries, stressing the importance of communication and collaboration between the two countries. During the Q&A session, Judge Rader engaged deeply with both in-person and online audiences, discussing legal differences between the U.S. and China, case handling procedures, and strategies for selecting lawyers. He highlighted the significance of assembling a competent team and devising suitable litigation strategies for achieving favorable outcomes in U.S. cases.

The internal lecture received unanimous praise from lawyers and clients, further enhancing participants' understanding of international patent litigation.

Chang Tsi & Partners' patent legal services have been consistently recognized in the industry, including accolades from Managing IP (Patent) as “Outstanding Patent Law Firm of the Year” and “Outstanding Patent and Trademark Law Firm in China”. Additionally, the firm has been recommended in IAM Patent 1000 for four consecutive years as a leading law firm in China. With a team of excellent patent lawyers and agents possessing dual backgrounds in science/engineering and law, and proficiency in multiple international patent laws and languages, Chang Tsi & Partners provides comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and integrated legal services to maximize client interests. Beyond their expertise, the firm continues to organize high-quality learning and networking opportunities, continuously elevating team professionalism and service quality to support more enterprises in their international endeavors.

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