Chang Tsi & Partners Work Arrangements during the Coronavirus



Because of the Coronavirus, we have received lot of inquiries and greetings from our clients and associates all over the world. Chang Tsi & Partners all employees deeply appreciate the greetings.

Since 10th February 2020, Chang Tsi & Partners has completely resumed normal businesses operations. Affected by the Coronavirus, majority of our employees from 7 offices in great China are working from home, being equipped with virtualization-based office system and private cloud. The matured office system developed and continuously improved by us since 2010 can not only offers support on on-line filing of patent and trademark applications, but also offer to our clients safer and more efficient services in the age of new technological revolution and in the crucial moment. New trademark and patent applications can be filed as normal. On-site investigations into infringers could be delayed depending on the operation of the suspect targets. Litigation filing could also be delayed based on the practice of different courts. We shall continue to give close reports to our clients on the status of each case. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

As always, Chang Tsi & Partners promise to give reply to client’s simple inquiries within one working day and reply to complicated inquiries within 3 working days. Our quality services will not be negatively affected.

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