US-Based Partner: Kenneth L. Ng



Beijing, China: Kenneth Ng of Mequon, Wisconsin, USA joins Chang Tsi & Partners as Partner, beginning 28 April, 2014. Formerly the Deputy IP Counsel of ITW Corp. (NYSE- ITW) in Glenview, Illinois, USA, Kenneth will serve as US-based partner, overseeing client relations and case management in North America. His nine years of experience as the Chief Trademark Counsel at Kohler and ITW have given him the experience to develop and implement processes that maximize the benefits of a strong IP portfolio, and these are the core specialties he will offer Chang Tsi’s clients in the months and years to come.

“My location in the Midwest allows me to serve clients in all US time zones,” says Kenneth “I will be ready to assist clients with IP challenges in China here in their own region, in their own language.”

Kenneth Ng brings to Chang Tsi his experience in managing intellectual property issues in mergers & acquisitions, domain name disputes, budgeting, and IP enforcement as a seasoned in-house counsel. Kenneth has worked closely with Chang Tsi & Partners to obtain permanent injunctions, recover damages, and engage in regular counseling of US and Chinese customs to spot and seize counterfeit goods.

Kenneth’s experience extends beyond the walls of the corporate office. He has worked closely with the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in Washington DC to review and recommend changes to Chinese trademark law. In addition, he has appeared at the Ministry of Commerce (MofCom) in Beijing to lobby on behalf of US companies for guidance on the interpretation and application of Chinese trademark law.

Kenneth Ng lives with his wife and two children in Mequon, Wisconsin, USA.

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