Chang Tsi & Partners Announces Three New Partners



Chang Tsi & Partners is delighted to announce the promotion of three lawyers to our partnership.  The new partners Howard Hao, Tracy Shen, and Rose Xu are leading patent and trademark attorneys and will strengthen the expanding patent and trademark departments.

Howard Hao is skilled in patent prosecution and strategy.  Mr. Hao provides consultation services on a wide range of patent issues, including invention, utility model and industrial design.  He has filed over 600 patent applications and responded to over 500 office actions relating to medical equipment, engines, automotive technology, machine tools, metal materials and mechanical and electrical control systems.  Mr. Hao has a BS and MS from Tsinghua University and a Masters in Intellectual Property from Franklin Pierce Law Center. Howard can be reached at

Rose Xu has over a decade of experience in providing solutions to challenging intellectual property matters in China.  Ms. Xu has earned a reputation for her strong anti-counterfeiting work, and she has won many significant patent and trademark civil judgments.  Ms. Xu has also managed hundreds of investigations and raid actions and she has been very effective in utilizing her successful judgments to obtain cooperation through cease & desist letters and follow up communications.  Ms. Xu has a LLM from China University of Political Science and Law. Rose can be reached at

Tracy Shen is experienced in managing trademarks portfolios, trademark strategy development and handling administrative, civil and criminal proceedings of all types.   She has helped many clients solve IP disputes through raid actions, customs seizures, negotiations and also administrative and civil litigation. Tracy Shen  has also helped obtain relief from Departure Prohibitions issued by the court, seized great amount of manufacturing goods at customs, handled very effective market sweeps and seizures, participated in IP global licensing projects, IP due diligence and helped obtain over 10 year criminal sentences in a case involving counterfeit nutritional supplements.  Ms. Shen has a LLM from Renmin University. Tracy can be reached at

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