Actions against DEVCON Counterfeits and Infringements Got Early Achievements



Infringer Who Made Fake DEVCON Trademark Labels Signed Undertaking and Paid Compensation

During a criminal investigation against an infringer named as Shenzhen Henggaowei Technology Co., Ltd, the Pudong Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau seized 14,538 pieces of fake DEVCON labels. As ITW’s professional attorney for IP rights protections in China, our firm Chang Tsi & Partners immediately reported the case to ITW Corporate and its local business. ITW attached great importance to this matter and required us to full support and cooperate with the PSB to crack down on the counterfeiting and infringement.

Our attorney promptly got in touch with the PSB, and actively supported for the investigation against the infringer. On top of the criminal investigation, we took the initiative to contact the infringer by sending a Cease and Desist Letter to inform them of the criminal, administrative and civil liabilities when infringing other’s IP rights. Moreover, we urged them to sign the Undertaking and act in accordance with their promises. In the end, the infringer realized the seriousness of the legal liabilities for infringing against the DEVCON trademark, actively signed the Undertaking to refrain from any infringement, and paid compensation to make up for the loss of ITW.

Our client ITW (Illinois Tool Works) is a diversified industrial equipment manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. Ranking among the Fortune 200 in the United States, the company is engaged in a variety of businesses including automotive OEM, construction products, industrial packaging, welding, test and measurement, food equipment, daily use packaging, surface decoration, polymers and fluids, etc. ITW has always attached great importance to its IP rights and has appointed our firm to closely monitor the market throughout the year, and will take any necessary criminal, administrative and/or civil actions against infringements to protect our Client’s rights.

The aforementioned case is of positive significance for combating counterfeits, protecting the legal rights and interests of right holders, and maintaining market order. It has also strengthened our determination to help our clients to protect their rights and interests with the highest level of service and more precise customized IP protection solutions.

Tracy Shen
Partner | Attorney at Law
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