Freda Han Attended the Seminar on the Guidance of Notarization and Certification of Foreign-related Cases



The Beijing Intellectual Property Court and the Beijing Lawyers Association recently held a seminar on the development and publication of guidelines for notarization and certification of foreign-related cases. Freda Han, Partner of Chang Tsi & Partners, was invited to attend the seminar.

Freda Han pointed out that the two "guidelines" previously issued by the Trademark Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association have received strong support from judges of the filing department of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court and achieved excellent results. It is a great honor for the Beijing Lawyers Association to jointly develop and publish an updated and improved new version of the guidelines with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. It should be recognized that there are arduous tasks ahead. Despite the challenges, Beijing Lawyers Association are a group with aspirations. With the joint efforts of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court and  Beijing Lawyers Association, the task can be completed with quality guaranteed.

The purpose of this seminar is to strengthen the quality and efficiency of China's notarization and certification work for foreign-related cases, improve the professional level and service quality of Chinese lawyers and judicial workers in foreign-related cases, and provide better services and guarantees for the international community, promoting smooth communication and cooperation in foreign affairs.


Freda Han
Partner | Attorney at Law
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