Chang Tsi & Partners visited the Exhibition Marking the Bicentenary of the Birth of Karl Marx



On July 20, 2018, 10 youth members of the party branch of Chang Tsi & Partners went to National Museum to visit the display which titled "An Exhibition Marking the Bicentenary of the Birth of Karl Marx".




The exhibition is composed of three parts: the magnificent life of the great revolutionary leader Marx, the glorious course of the chinization of Marxism, and new Marxism-themed fine art works. It comprehensively and systematically displayed the brilliant course of the chinization of Marxism which begins from its early dissemination in China to today's socialism with Chinese characteristics. While watching the exhibits, the youth communists marveled at how great effort Marx had devoted to the establishment of Marxist theoretical system, as well as how precious his work was as the invaluable treasure for the whole world.

After the exhibition, the party members made an in-depth discussion and concluded that, as a scientific world outlook and methodology, Marxism's brilliant rays of wisdom never fades away and constantly throws light on our understanding of the development of human society. Not only the world is profoundly changed by Marxism, but China is also greatly changed. Today, studying the Marxist theory can help us confirm our beliefs more resolutely, adhere more strictly to principles and work more systematically with greater foresight and creativity. Therefore, we believe that the best way of commemoration is to become well versed in Marxism classics, to comprehend the rich thoughts, profound philosophy and rigorous logic of them, and then combined with the characteristics of the age, it can be applied to our analysis and research of today's society and help us better fulfill our mission.



The party branch of Chang Tsi & Partners

20 July 2018

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