Under Armour v. Fujian Tingfeilong case represented by Chang Tsi & Partners was selected as “Classic Trademark Case 2018”, and the firm continued being “Outstanding Trademark Agency”



On August 31, China Trademark Festival opened in Tangshan, Hebei Province, where China Trademark Association (CTA) organized the award ceremony for "Outstanding Trademark Agency for 2017-2018" and "Classic Trademark Case for 2017-2018". The case of Under Armour v. Fujian Tingfeilong on Trademark Rights Infringement and Unfair Competition, represented by Chang Tsi & Partners, was selected as one "Classic Trademark Case for 2017-2018" by the CTA. Meanwhile, it is the seventh time that Chang Tsi & Partners has received the award for "Outstanding Trademark Agency" successively, which further reflects the recognition of our professional services from the industry.


(The award ceremony for "Classic Trademark Case" at 2018 China Trademark Festival)


Under Armour v. Fujian Tingfeilong was handled by our Managing Partner Simon Tsi and Partner Michael Fu. It was a case that a small company in China, in a planned and premeditated way, plagiarized a globally well-known brand and conducted trademark rights infringement and unfair competition. On the World Intellectual Property Day, the Defendant even held an eye-catching product exhibition to introduce and promote its infringing products. This case received wide attention and has been covered as long features by the media, including many internationally renowned news agencies such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, the case became a hot topic within the United States Fashion Industry Association.


As authorized by Under Armour, Inc., Chang Tsi & Partners made efforts to fully understand the client's business targets and requirements for right-protection, and thereby proposed a tailored litigation strategy. After the above preparations, Chang Tsi, on behalf of the client, rapidly brought the case of first instance to Fujian Higher People's Court. At the following court hearing, our attorneys convinced the Court to issue a preliminary injunction that is the second preliminary injunction in the history of Fujian Higher People's Court. With this preliminary injunction, we timely stopped the Defendant to launch the products with the infringing trademark into the market. Finally, the Court of First Instance decided that the Defendant conducted the trademark infringement and unfair competition against the Plaintiff, and the Defendant was ordered to stop its infringement, eliminate the influence, and make a compensation of CNY 2,000,000, including reasonable costs, for the Plaintiff's economic losses.


Reported by many foreign media, e.g. Law360, the case had great impact in the industry and even around the world. The award for "Classic Trademark Case for 2017-2018" presented by the CTA, is another example of the recognition of our services and professional strength from the industry.



In addition, Chang Tsi was awarded "Outstanding Trademark Agency" by the CTA, and this is our seventh time to win this award. Representatives of Chang Tsi & Partners attended the ceremony, who were Marketing Manager Louisa Cheng, Deputy Manager Ming Zhu and senior trademark agent Ada Sun.


(The award ceremony for “Outstanding Trademark Agency for 2017-2018”)


Chang Tsi has specialized in Intellectual Property for 16 years. Because of our advantages in profession and service, we receive praises from clients and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. We will continuously uphold our principal concept, maximization of clients' interests, and provide our clients with more professional and efficient legal services to safeguard legal rights and benefits of Chinese and foreign clients.

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